Multi Sport Travel Jacket

Multi Sport Travel Jacket

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  • 100% Polyester Wind Resistant Breathable Quiet Microfiber With Soft Hand
  • 100% Extreme Mock Mesh Cationic Colorfast Polyester With Moisture Management Fibers (Medium Weight)
  • Solid Color Body Outer Shell With Contrast Color Piping From Neckline Movingdown Body Around Front Pockets And Stopping At Bottom Of Jacket
  • Main Body Color Matching Extreme Mock Mesh Inserts On Front Chest, Front Sides And Upper Back
  • Contrasting Color Extreme Mock Mesh Piping From Back Of Collar Going Down To Under Sleeve And Then Curving To Bottom Of Jacket
  • 6" Quarter Zip With Matching Body Color Rib V-Neck
  • Two Color Mock Mesh Inside Collar, Charcoal Color Side With White Tipping
  • Scooped Hemmed Bottom With Toggle Pull On Left Side

Previously style number 3J13A

May be branded Badger on the inside - all other aspects of the product will remain the same   

STYLE #A00001